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IFI Education: Schoolgirls / Las Niñas Study Guide

Secondary Schools Document

IFI Education: Schoolgirls / Las Niñas Study Guide

It is 1992 in north-eastern Spain, and 11-year-old Celia lives with her widowed mother and attends the local all-girls Catholic school. The monotony is interrupted by the arrival of cool new student Brisa, who has arrived from Barcelona. Instantly taking Celia under her wing, the girls play with make-up, try alcohol and cigarettes and stir up trouble. All the while, Celia learns the realities of being the daughter of an unwed woman in a Catholic country. A charming coming-of-age drama about identity and growing up.

Senior Cycle Spanish

2020 | Spain | Coming-of-Age | 107 mins | Pilar Palomero | 15+ years

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