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IFI Education: Too Far Away Study Guide

Secondary Schools Document

IFI Education: Too Far Away Study Guide

A charming football drama, set-in modern-day Germany.

When a large mining company takes over their village, Ben’s family must move to a nearby city. Feeling displaced, he starts a new school where he shares his outsider status and a love of football with Syrian refugee Tariq. Despite Tariq’s better playing skills, the pair team up. Ben brings Tariq back to his old village and learns that his friend longs to reunite with his scattered family. Helping him locate his older brother, both boys find hope and a way to exist in their new surroundings.

This film is preceded by an introduction from director Sarah Winkenstette.

Junior Cycle German

2019 | Germany | 89 mins | Sarah Winkenstette

This screening is presented in association with IFI Education

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