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Waking The Feminists

As part of the national campaign, Riverbank Arts Centre is delighted to host the Kildare chapter of Waking the Feminists for an informal gathering for Women’s Christmas January 6th 2016.

The gathering will be a chance for discussion, and sharing of experiences, as well as readings, and maybe even a performance!

Waking The Feminists is a movement campaigning for a sustained policy for inclusion, equal championing and advancement of women artists, and economic parity for all working in the theatre.

It is anticipated the meeting will take approx 2 hours in the evening to accommodate those working, and we also encourage those with children to bring them along.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming along. Maybe you would like to speak for 90 seconds about your experiences? Maybe you have a reading that you could contribute, or a short performance? Maybe you just want to come along and listen? Whatever your interest, drop us a line to let us know you’ll be coming! Email us on

We look forward to seeing you.