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Super Paua Stories/Opowiadania Super Paua – callout for writers

We are working in partnership with Super Paua on Super Paua Stories/Opowiadania Super Paua

Super Paua Stories Series 3 is focused on Polish language and culture. Super Paua are looking to commission contemporary, playful and exciting stories for children that:

  • Are written in Polish
  • That are bilingual, with one of the languages being Polish
  • That are written in English with a focus on Polish culture, Polish stories, or Polish experience in Ireland

Deadline: Monday 8th March 2021, 11:59pm
Commission Fee: €500
Dual Language Callout details are here
Application Form:

Super Paua are hosting a FREE Zoom workshop for anyone interested in applying on Monday, 22nd February at 7pm – details & booking here

Super Paua Stories is an audio storytelling podcast for children. Series One, created in lockdown 2020, gave us 8 new stories. Stories of WhatsApp stargazing in lockdown; finding new, beautiful ways to hug; and an uprising of anti-colonial red squirrels. Series 2, Scéalta Super Paua, was a bilingual series (Gaeilge & English) created in collaboration with axis: Ballymun. We heard about Caoimhe and her struggle for power over 50 mad sheep; Chelsea who wants something more magical when she grows up, something different: to be a banshee; and Lara who actively dives into her imagination, a much richer world than her class on “Nathanna Cainte”.

You may have produced three plays, enjoy creating stories for children in your life, or you want to share your writing for the first time. We are looking for Polish-speaking writers, and writers with a strong connection or experience of Poland and Polish culture, of any experience level who have stories for young audiences they are bursting to tell. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your idea before submitting, or if you have any questions. We particularly welcome applications from LGBTQAI+, black and ethnic minority, neurodiverse or disabled, and working class writers. You must be a resident of Ireland, aged 16+.

We are commissioning audio stories for young audiences ages 5-12. We are open to form, theme and style, but applications will be selected that have a clear emphasis on the audio format and spoken word e.g. action through speech and character, sound effects etc.

We suggest that narration, if present, is done through the perspective of the character telling the story. If narration separate to the character is present make sure there is a stronger emphasis on dialogue, and the character(s) leading the story.

The story and proposal should focus on the potential for aural storytelling: how does my writing inspire a playful performer, music, composition and sound effects to tell the story? We are not looking for prose pieces.

The final product should be 15 minutes maximum and can be entirely in Polish or bilingual in Polish and English or Irish (but if you want to play with another language, let us know!). It must be a new work. Folk tales or stories must be given an extra layer, or reimagined in a different context, not just a direct translation or faithful retelling. The story should be a standalone piece not the first scene of a longer piece.

The selected writers will each receive a €500 commission to write their piece. Super Paua will offer dramaturgical support, create and record the final piece with a director and up to three actors, and add sound design and composition. Super Paua retain the rights to share the recordings online as part of our Super Paua Story podcast, but you retain all other rights to your story. Listen here for an example of a previous story.

For more details (and some tips on the style of story that Super Paua are seeking) see their website or contact with any questions.

Super Paua is an Irish artist-led collective that makes work for all ages in a variety of languages, places, and forms. Humour, social relevance, and respect define our work.  The company is anchored by writer/theatre-maker Sian Ní Mhuirí, Creative Producer Heather Rose, and Engagement Director Mark Ball. Super Paua work with a broad network of established, emerging and new artists in Ireland and abroad. Super Paua are working in partnership with Riverbank Arts Centre on Super Paua Stories Series 3. The applications will be shortlisted and assessed by Kamila Dydyna (Director for Super Paua Stories/Opowiadania Super Paua), Aleksandra Rosiak and the Super Paua Team.

Super Paua Stories Series 3 is co-produced by Super Paua and Riverbank Arts Centre and funded by The Arts Council