SCHOOLS: Riverbank Arts Centre’s WHITEBOARD programme

This Autumn, we’ve launched a WHITEBOARD Schools programme – a series of interactive arts broadcast to the schools throughout Kildare featuring leading children’s writers, illustrators and theatre-makers. In 2019, 6,500 children from 41 schools attended events at Riverbank Arts Centre as part of a school trip. We are committed to programming for primary and secondary schools in an innovative way this Autumn, despite the Covid 19 restrictions.

Our events include:

SHANE HEGARTY – Boot: A Small Robot on a Big Adventure
DATE: TUESDAY, 13th October
TIMES: 9.30am, 11am or 12.30pm
DURATION:  45 mins
3rd, 4th, 5th  Class

Shane Hegarty will talk about his new book in the Boot series,  about a little robot with a big heart and answer questions from the children. 

Shane Hegarty is the bestselling author of the ‘Boot’ – about a toy robot with only two-and-half-memories. ‘Boot’ was recently Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Citywide Read. He also wrote the ‘Darkmouth’ series about a boy who has to fight monsters even though he’d much rather run away.

Boot: a Small Robot on a Big Adventure by Shane Hegarty is published by Hachette

Pádraig Kenny –The Monsters of Rookhaven 
DATE: Thursday, 12th November
TIMES: 9.30am, 11am or 12.30pm
4th – 6th Class

Join Pádraig Kenny as he introduces his new novel
The Monsters of Rookhaven and talks about monsters and why they frighten us so much. Pádraig will ask what monsters are, and what frightens you, and why we like scary stories.

Sometimes the monsters take us.
Sometimes we become the monsters.

Mirabelle has always known she is a monster. When the glamour protecting her unusual family from the human world is torn and an orphaned brother and sister stumble upon Rookhaven, Mirabelle soon discovers that friendship can be found in the outside world. A thought-provoking and beautifully written novel, Pádraig Kenny’s The Monsters of Rookhhaven, explores difference and empathy through the eyes of characters you won’t want to let go. 

‘A stunning book . . . a brand new take on the monster story’ Eoin Colfer

Pádraig Kenny is an Irish writer from Newbridge in County Kildare. His critically acclaimed children’s books TIN (2018)  and  POG (2019) were nominated for several major literary awards.
The Monsters of Rookhaven by  Pádraig Kenny is published by Pan McMillan (2020)


Graham Tugwell – Greetings, Heroes! Christmas Edition 

DATE: 10th Dec
TIMES: 10am and 12pm 
DURATION:  60 min
3rd Class and up 

Greetings, Heroes! Online: The Impossible Library is an interactive storytelling experience where the students take the role of characters in the story, led by expert storyteller Graham Tugwell. 

Like a choose-your-own-adventure-book, or world-famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Graham will guide the adventurers through a series of exciting and deadly challenges – will each door they choose lead to success or further peril? How will they approach the many puzzles within? Will they find the wondrous treasure at the heart of the Impossible Library? Only their decisions – and the dice – will decide.

How It Works
Greetings, Heroes! Online: The Impossible Library is a story improvised in real time. Each class represents one character in the story, with their own suite of special abilities and unique magical items (found on a simple character sheet given to each teacher). As obstacles or puzzles are encountered, Graham will ask for the classes to make their choice of action, with their teacher placing each choice in Zoom chat. Graham will use these choices to direct the action of the adventure and their effect, for good or ill, upon the narrative. To participate, all you need is a Zoom link and an adventurous spirit.

Graham Tugwell is a writer, performer and Dungeon Master extraordinaire. He has brought the Greetings Heroes live show to over fifty schools, libraries and festivals.


These interactive events will be broadcast into classrooms via an online platform  – To book an event or to find out more about Riverbank Arts Centre’s Whiteboard Programme  contact

Booking fee for each event is €30 per class.