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Jessica Wilson at Riverbank Arts Centre

Australian artist Jessica Wilson has arrived at Riverbank Arts Centre for a weekend of portrait photo making fun!

Join Jessica this weekend and let your face become the canvas as your child becomes the artist!

During the portrait photo making session the child becomes the artist and the adult becomes their canvas. Each appointment is an intimate one-on-one experience with your child, the result of which is a beautifully crafted photo portrait which will be taken by photographer Kelly Hamilton. During the process the children are encouraged to answer questions about how they see you, which past participants say is both an unusual and eye-opening experience. At the end of the appointment, after your photo has been taken, it will then be printed and included in the exhibition I See You Like This, which will run in our Children’s Gallery from Thursday 5th October-Monday 6th November.

Speaking about I See You Like This and what it means to bring it to Ireland Jessica states: “This project enables me to connect very deeply with the people of each place it comes to. It is incredibly rewarding to collaborate with kids, especially in different cultural contexts. I have taken I See You Like This to many countries but I am most excited about bringing it to Ireland and Newbridge. First because this is where my ancestors come from, and second because Irish people are so very playful. I am looking forward to exploring how Irish kids’ see their adults, and what they choose to do with their faces!”

Jessica will also host free Drop-In Portrait Sessions on Sunday 1st October from 11am-3pm. Children and their adults are invited to drop in for these free sessions where they can take a photo of the resulting portrait on their phone, which can then be included in the digital element of the I See You Like This exhibition.

There are a few slots left for Saturday – BOOK NOW.