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Introduction to FIBRE Felted by Tamzen Lundy

We are delighted to share a specially recorded introduction to FIBRE Felted by Tamzen Lundy. Watch and listen to Tamzen explain the artwork in her exhibition, what inspires her to create and what materials she uses!


Tamzen Lundy’s colourful exhibition FIBRE Felted introduces young people to the wonders and possibilities of felt making, the oldest textile making process in the world. Using 100% wool (and sometimes other natural fibres), soap and water plus rubbing, rolling and a little magic, the artist creates intriguing 2D and 3D objects and many familiar characters inspired by much-loved children’s books. The woollen textiles in FIBRE Felted are playful and experimental, the only tools required to create them are the artist’s hands. Woollen work will also biodegrade completely, returning to the earth, it is truly a sustainable art form. Come and see (and touch!) this vibrant artwork, and be astonished by the versatility of wool.


FIBRE Felted by Tamzen Lundy

Children’s Gallery

12 November – 22 December

Admission Free