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IFI Family Film Festival on Tour – 2nd and 3rd of July

Are you a young film fan? Are comedies, animations or mysteries your thing? Well, we’ve got it all for you this July as the IFI Family Film Festival rolls into town!

This very special festival for families takes place each summer and promises some of the best children’s films from around the world in a specially designed programme made up of screenings, workshops and special guests for even the youngest film aficionado of film fans.

The Festival is on earlier this year so you and your family can enjoy some amazing cinematic adventures from Austria, India, Germany and beyond, before school holidays even begin! You can soar with the eagles or roar with the lions, learn to write like Shakespeare or dance with a little grey tractor. There are premieres and animations, Zig and Zag and mad creations. Something for all film fans ages 4 to 12.
Come join us and spread your film wings!


The IFI Family Festival on the road is brought to you by The IFI and access CINEMA.