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GROOVE by Anna Newell Theatre Adventures

GROOVE is a 70’s inspired theatre adventure for audiences of children and young people with complex needs created by Bray-based theatremaker Anna Newell.  Riverbank audiences will be aware of Anna’s previous theatre shows, including Sing Me to the Sea and I Am Baba.

GROOVE is full of live harmony singing and immersive video and is for audiences of children and young people with complex needs.  It has been designed to be very responsive to its audience members and so can accommodate a large range of ages and a diverse range of children and young people.

GROOVE is being presented in St Mark’s School in Newbridge in late May/early June, supported by Riverbank Arts Centre and in partnership with The Network For Extraordinary Audiences, a new initiative that Anna Newell is developing with seven venues across Ireland.  This Network has been funded by Arts Council of Ireland to create and advocate for high quality theatre work created specifically for babies, early years and children/young people with complex needs.

“I’m so delighted and privileged to have the support of the Arts Council of Ireland and the seven venues across Ireland who have come together this year to form The Network For Extraordinary Audiences with me.  GROOVE is a precious opportunity for us to create connection with our extraordinary audiences in this time of disconnection and distance – and this 70’s inspired happening is a chance to tune in and chill out for both us, our audiences and the adults who work with them.” Anna Newell

Anna’s work for children/young people with complex needs was the first of its kind in Ireland and she continues to create theatre adventures for this diverse audience that is immersive, sensory and above all responsive. With the same number of audience members as performers, each show is constantly nuanced in response to its individual audience members, creating a situation where deep and joyful connection can be created with the audience. Anna has been making professional theatre adventures since 1989 and her award-winning work has been seen on 6 continents and off-Broadway. For more about Anna Newell’s work see her website.