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Roddy Doyle to visit Riverbank Arts Centre!

Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge is the Kildare Partner of Fighting Words. We present creative writing workshops for primary and secondary schools and run a young playwrights’ programme. Fighting Words workshops are always free of charge to the participants.

We are hosting an introduction to Fighting Words at Riverbank Arts Centre with co-founder and Chairman,  Roddy Doyle, on Wednesday, 29th January 2020 at 1pm – all welcome.
Please contact to reserve your place – or you can book through our Box Office 045 448327.

“At Fighting Words we provide desks and seats, paper, pens, heat, toilets – and company. The writing usually starts as a group activity. The young writers sit in front of a big screen and watch as the story emerges in front of them. Their suggestions – words, sentences, character names, place names, snatches of dialogue – are typed on to the screen. It’s a simple idea but they often react as if it’s the first time they’ve seen words typed onto a screen. They make suggestions, delete words and sentences, change character names and locations. It isn’t an exam and they’re not in a race against time. They see how they can write up and down the page and how changing your mind is often a very good idea.

But, eventually, they move away from the group and become their own writers. Some of them are there immediately; they’re reaching out for fresh paper as they fill the page in front of them. Others take longer. They need a big idea to get them going, or a few good words, or a bit of encouragement. Some fill page after page; others slowly and carefully assemble their sentences and paragraphs. All of them are writers; they all become the owners – the authors – of their stories and poems, novels, plays, songs and screenplays. It is a joy to watch.”
Roddy Doyle, The Irish Times, July 2019

Roddy Doyle, Co-Founder and Chairman of Fighting Words
Roddy Doyle is the author of 11 novels, including THE COMMITMENTS, PADDY CLARKE HA HA HA – for which he won the Booker Prize – and, most recently, SMILE. He has also written seven books for children, including THE GIGGLER TREATMENT and BRILLIANT. He has written for TV, big screen and stage. His adaptation of his novel, THE SNAPPER was performed at the Gate Theatre in 2018 and revived in 2019. A film he scripted, ROSIE, was released in October 2018. He lives and works in Dublin.

Fighting Words is a free creative writing programme co-founded by Roddy Doyle and Seán Love in January 2009. It operates on the premise that creative writing is an essential part of every child’s education: that giving children a dedicated chance and space to explore the limitlessness of their imaginations, does great things. The raw skills that are passed on during workshops are some of the key ingredients for succeeding in life with marked improvements in self–expression, literacy, self‐esteem and self-confidence. Fighting Words sole purpose is to provide opportunities to be creative for as many children as possible. To this end, Fighting Words provides free workshops and programmes. Volunteer writing tutors create and run our workshops, and are trained in child protection and Garda vetted.
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Are you interested in volunteering? 

Fighting Words aim is:
To help children and young people, and adults who did not have this opportunity as children, to discover and harness the power of their own imaginations and creative writing skills.

What kind of people volunteer at Fighting Words?
Everyone! Fighting Words have over 400 volunteer tutors – people from all walks of life including students, retired people, writers (both professional and aspiring), teachers, journalists, visual artists to name just a few. Full training will be provided and you will always work as part of a team.

If you are 18+ and interested in volunteering, please contact

“Volunteering for Fighting Words has not only been an enjoyable experience but it is the most accommodating charity to its volunteers. Volunteering can be a hit or miss for some but with Fighting Words, it is always a fun and fulfilling atmosphere and you never doubt about giving up your time and effort.”
Pierina Campbell, Fighting Words tutor.