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Deadly Moons and Marvellous Mars Exhibition Launch

Join us for launch of Deadly Moons and Marvellous Mars Exhibition on Saturday 20th February at 1pm.

The Deadly Moons and Marvellous Mars exhibition is a celebration of the wonder of the celestial bodies that lie beyond our skies! Deidre Kelleghan is an Astronomer, Artist and Educator. She invents and enacts creative workshops to help children understand our solar system and space exploration. Over the course of two of these workshops at Riverbank Arts Centre, Deirdre and the participating children created a series of artworks inspired by their explorations of moons, Mars and more. These artworks have made up the content of the exhibition along with screenings of various space missions, and lots of interesting space related facts!

The launch will be followed by a screening of The Martian at 2pm. Tickets for the screening only €3.