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Book launch and a reading by Shane Hegarty

Critically acclaimed author Shane Hegarty will join us in Riverbank Arts Centre to do a reading and launch his new book on Tuesday 11th May at 11am.

Shane Hegarty launches the next in his popular series: Darkmouth – Chaos Descends

There are towns where the border between our world and the world of monsters (properly called Legends) is thin. One of those towns is Darkmouth. There, our hero Finn is the son of the last remaining Legend Hunter – which means that one day soon Finn will be the last remaining Legend Hunter. Except…he’s not very good at it. And in a spectacularly unfortunate coincidence, the leader of the Legends is in the midst of planning an all-out invasion… beginning in Darkmouth.

Shane Hegarty was the Arts Editor of the Irish Times but left to write full time in 2013 when Darkmouth became the sensation of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, with record-breaking publishing deals in the UK, US, Germany, Brazil and more. Shane lives on the east coast of Ireland, in a village not unlike Darkmouth. Only with no monsters. That he knows about.