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Belgian Piano Duet Recital – Saturday 5th March

From Brahms to Bernstein – Piano Duet Recital

A unique and exciting piano 4 hands recital, with beautiful and festive music by duo Biz’art, an unconventional Belgian piano duet whose sincerity, energy and love of music is contagious.

Programme includes works from: Johannes Brahms, Percy Pitt, Maurice Ravel, Sergueï Rachmaninov, Alexander Borodine, and Leonard Bernstein

A must see event for all music aficionados out there!

Bizarre means what is unusual and unconventional, to make you discover with passion the world of arts.
Playing the piano with 4 hands, duo Biz’art – 20 fingers of 2 musicians sharing the 88 keys of a piano. This gives a very special show, where the hands intertwine on the keyboard with virtuosity.
Sincerity, energy and love of music is the focus of our ongoing research.

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