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ART FEEDS… Video Tour of Exhibition

ART FEEDS…  Kildare Art Collective & Friends
McKenna Gallery, Riverbank Arts Centre
18th September – 24th October 2020

ART FEEDS… by Kildare Art Collective & Friends is a collaborative project developed as a platform to process and document our lives throughout these strange times, while creating an opportunity for communication, conversation and crossover between disciplines. 31 participating artists worked collaboratively exchanging ideas and working together using alternative methods of communication such as email, letter, carrier pigeon, phone calls, telepathy, video calls and text. The diverse work created during this project is an eclectic mix with interesting themes and details arising as we adjust to our new reality and navigate changes to how we work together.  

See a video tour of the exhibition below

1a  Stephen Connelly & Laura Caffrey Dandelion/Saline Solutions    VIDEO WORK*
1b  Martina McDonald & Wayne McManamon A Conversation  VIDEO WORK*  
1c  Conor Lane & Peter Lane Covid Moodswing VIDEO WORK*
1d  Fabiana Scaglioni Cactus Lady/Here Inside/Here Outside   VIDEO WORK*
1e  Ciara Ahern & Aoife O’Callaghan  Untitled VIDEO WORK*
2 & 13 Michelle McBride & David O’Hanlon Pareidolian Reflection I/Pareidolian Reflection II  (€500) CAST CONCRETE
3 Derek Finn & Aingeala Finn Bringing Home the Turf (€290)/ ACRYLIC,OIL & INK   Flower Moon  POEM
4 Kirsten Hodgson & Annie Morris Lockdown Stew (€120)/Kit Kat  (€120)/Biscuits (€60)Eat Haiku  (€120)/Advice  (€120)   MACHINE EMBROIDERY
5  Claire Murphy & Ingrid Casey Mask on/Mask off (€500/€200)     INSTALLATION /POEM
Stephanie Craig & Laura Craig Becoming I  (€50) WATERCOLOUR & Becoming II (€50)        POEM
7  Holly Delaney & Carol Anne Connolly Mapped Out  (€400) & Untitled x 5  (€30 each)        PEN & PENCIL ON PAPER
8 & 14  Anna DeCleir & Amy O’Connor Kitchen Reflections (€230)/ WATERCOLOUR   Flames reunited  (NFS)     ACRYLIC ON CANVAS
9  Sharon Fidgeon & Fabiana Scaglioni Cactus Lady (€280)/Stop, Breathe (€230)/ ACRYLIC Fluid Movement Outside (€200) PRINT ON WOOD
10  Caoimhe McGuckin & Philip d’Alton Play it by Ear/ PAPIER MACHE CUPS/STRING Reconnecting/Hello, can you hear me?/ Poor connection/Are you still there? (€50 each)    PRINT
11  Dee McNally & Amy Gaffney The Bums Rush (€80)/Little Heroes – Learn (€80)/ Little Heroes – Cheer (€80)/ Granny’s List (€130) /
March – April – May (€120) /Frontline Fear 1 (€150)/ A Celebration of Nature Keeping Time (€175)Tempest Thrown (€175)/ Triptych of: Bravo (€120)/ Frontline Fear 2 (€120)/ Behind Closed Doors (€120)/ Drone Hotel (€250)       MIXED MEDIA
12 J.D. Lutteral & Lyn Worrall Fragments of comfort       (€30 each)    CERAMIC TILES
15 Lesley Kelly Personal Space (€120 each/€300 x 3)    CERAMIC
16 Ciara Ahern & Aoife O’Callaghan Untitled l /Untitled ll  (€250)       ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

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Kildare Art Collective are an ever expanding and evolving group of Kildare based artists who continue to work together following great success with their exhibitions for June Fest and Culture Night since 2018.

For short biogs of each artist, click here

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, contact

ART FEEDS.. by Kildare Art Collective & Friends is supported by June Fest, Riverbank Arts Centre and Kildare Arts Service. For more information about ART FEEDS… see launch video containing interviews with some of the participating artists:

Some of the artworks in ART FEEDS… are for sale. See details in video tour above, or view slideshow below (please note, for further information about any of these artwords or artists, see this information sheet) If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, contact for further details.