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Nicole Tilley Nicole Tilley Exhibition:
And The Lantern Eyed Girl Stepped Out
And the Lantern Eyed Girl Stepped Out, An exhibition by Nicole Tilley ,Riverbank Children’s Gallery. Nicole Tilley uses classical children’s stories to create silhouettes and child-like characters that come into being through the cutting and sewing of materials chosen for symbolic content. read more
2nd May-27th Jun
Newbridge Drama Group presents:
The Real McCoy
Set in rural Ireland in 1964 and is really a laugh a line. Madge Molloy has lived over 40 years of her life wondering why her husband Tom vanished within five months of their marriage. The arrival of a new curate in the parish, Fr. Michael McCoy, is about to throw some light on the reasons behind Tom’s hasty departure. It will have you in tears of laughter all night long. read more
Tue 26th May / Wed 27th May / Thu 28th May / Fri 29th May / Sat 30th May 8pm
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Girls Night Out: The Musical
Back by popular demand, this previously sold out show follows five friends as they relive their past, celebrate their present, and look to the future on a wild Karaoke night out. The friends laugh, cry and argue the night away while belting out many of their favourite girlie Karaoke anthems of the 80’s and 90’s such as Raining Men, Dancing Queen, I Will Survive and many more! This all female cast features local award-winning performers from the world of musical theatre. Join them for a night of singing, dancing, fun and frolics! read more
Thu 4th Jun / Fri 5th Jun 8pm
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Vincent Brady
A Walk Up Main Street
This is a photographic exhibition featuring the shop fronts of Main Street Newbridge photographed on a Sunday morning. As they were taken in 1981 it will be interesting for viewers to see how much the town has changed in the intervening years. Many shops well known at the time have since disappeared to be replaced by new ones. read more
6th Jun-27th Jun
Willfredd Theatre Presents:
The Sport of Kings is in the blood. Leading dancer Emma O’Kane has just discovered it. Her grandfather, Phillip de Burgh O’Brien, was a racing journalist from the 1940s-70s. He died before she was born but his words live on. From Philip’s writings to Emma’s own experience of recently learning to ride a racehorse, JOCKEY explores the physical relationship between the dancer, the jockey and the Irish thoroughbred horse. read more
Sat 6th Jun 8pm
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Riverbank Cinema Presents:
Kumiko the Treasure Hunter
As any Coen Brothers fan can attest, the ending of the 1996 masterpiece Fargo is devilishly enigmatic, with the stolen money lost forever in the endless snows of the Northern Plains. To some, it’s a sardonic ending; to others, it’s the start of an adventure. One lonely woman on the other side of the world becomes convinced that the story is real and that the buried loot is still there for the taking. read more
Mon 8th Jun 8pm
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JuneFest 2015 presents:
Off to the Front - A World War One Re-enactment
A very moving piece devised and presented by Patrician Primary School. There will be short introductory talk by Mario Corrigan and James Durney read more
Wed 10th Jun 8pm
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JuneFest 2015 presents:
King Modo
Venue: The Keadeen Hotel
King Modo are an original, independent Irish band made up by Paul Keogh, Lenny Cahill, Nicky Brennan, Darren Sweeney, Jimmy Rainsford. Venue: The Keadeen Hotel read more
Fri 12th Jun 8pm
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Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer
Tom Crean, the intrepid Antarctic explorer and one of Ireland’s unsung heroes, is brought to life in this dramatic and humorous solo performance by Aidan Dooley. Hear the riveting true stories of Crean’s Antarctic explorations as one of the few men to serve with both Scott and Shackleton and survive the three famous expeditions: Discovery, (1901 – 1904); Terra Nova (1910 – 1913); and Endurance (1914 - 1916). read more
Sat 13th Jun 8pm
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Still Alice Riverbank Cinema Presents:
Still Alice
Happily married and with three grown children, Alice is in the prime of life and at the top of her professional game. However, the pleasure she takes in her work is replaced by mounting anxiety as middle-aged memory lapses give way to the discovery that she has early-onset Alzheimer’s. Determined to deal with her prognosis and do everything she can to forestall the inevitable, Alice finds ingenious ways to fight the encroachment of the disease. read more
Mon 15th Jun 8pm
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